About Us

Our Vision Mission & Values


"Takshila Institute is committed to the vision to exemplify excellence and leadership in quality education........ We provide a platform where goals are achieved, skills are nurtured and values are build."


Our Mission is to serve society through excellence in education. We always aim to define the absolute standard of excellence in the area of academics through :

  • The quality of education we provide
  • The efficiency of our methodologies and system
  • Truthfulness towards students and parents
  • We aspire to instil the right attitudes, values and vision in our students that will prepare them for a life time continued learning and leadership in their chosen careers.


  • We focus on service to students as the core value of the Academic Success Centres.
  • We exhibit an ethic of care in working with all students, staff, and faculty.
  • We honour the diversity of student identities, experiences, purposes, and learning styles.
  • We operate with a spirit of generosity in the exchange of expertise, knowledge, and resources.
  • We value hopefulness and possibility.
  • We expect life balance and professional excellence.
  • We conduct our work through deep listening, creative problem solving, and collaboration.
2016 - Admission Open

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