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Education Industry is a ever growing market with estimated value of Rs. 16000 crores approximately. Good quality education is always in great demand. In today's competitive world, competitive exams play a very important role in the life of students as well as parents.

With our commitment in developing successful IITians, Engineers, and Doctors and create good citizens and in a continous part of our endeavour to reach the students residing even in small cities all across the country, we are looking for promising entrepreneurs who can be our valuable partners in our ever continuing story of success.We invest a lot of time, money and effort in each one of our franchisees and hence are very selective in our choice of franchisee. The Franchisees will essentially be entrepreneurs running the coaching activity as their own venture.

Are you a Institute or a Individual. If you are Professional with clear track record of business, With right entrepreneurial attitude and possessa adequate knowledge and experience in education industry you can be a part of Takshila Institute.

Willing to invest 15 to 50 Lakhs upfront and working capital accordingly.

Have 1500 to 2000 sq. Ft of Space / infrastructure on adequate location / easy access for the students with basic amenities like toilets (separate for Boys & Girls), parking etc....

  • A Established Brand name with National Fame & Presence
  • Well Researched Study material, DPP's / Test support
  • Faculty Training and Appointment Support
  • Staff Training and Appointment Support
  • National Advertisement
  • Guest / visiting faculty support
  • Prospectus / Brochure etc.


  • I gives me immense pleasure to welcome you at Takshila Institute. Takshila Institute has always been a great support to one and all who want to excel in the field of education. After getting huge success in all our centres and various school projects, the management of Takshila institute has decided to expand all over India through Franchise model so that we can serve students in all the parts of country. Here, at Takshila Institute we offer FRANCHISE MODEL to someone who wants to serve the nation with all his/her positive synergy.
  • In our FRANCHISE MODEL we offer a great and never-ending support to you including the Initial centre setup, ongoing business guidance and support , providing Faculties and Administrative staff , providing the franchisee with the sales kit and teaching kit, regular Quality check and Auditing.
N.K Gupta
Managing Director
Takshila Academy (P) Ltd.

  • TAKSHILA is an institute preparing students for JEE/NEET/AIIMS entrance exams since 1998.
  • An institute Established, Run and managed by Academicians.
  • An institute that has witnessed 19 glorious years of successful results.
  • Expertise in both school boards and entrance exams.
  • An institute with Classroom programme available for Foundation/Engg/Med/NTSE/Olympiad/KVYP.
  • An institute with more than 25000 successful results in engineering and medical entrance exams.
  • BRAND NAME : “ A Need and not desire to all “.
  • Reduces the efforts , Investment and Monetary Risks.
  • Association with a established organization : Strategies, Management and System tools.
  • Business based on “ Proven Ideas”.
  • Recession proof business with highest revenue generation.
  • Ever-growing sector.
  • Connectivity with “ YOUTH “ ( The most energetic component of our society)
  • Need , an asset and a backbone towards the growth of our country.
  • The most respectful business.
  • Lowest monetary risk on investments.
  • 19 glorious years of successful results.
  • Nationwide recognition for expertise in the field of education.
  • Highly efficient system designed by academicians.
  • Student oriented approach and result oriented policies.
  • Centre Foundation and Initial startup kit.
    • “ The Name “
    • “ The Image “
    • “ Membership”
  • Initial guidance for physical designing, staff recruitment and training.
  • Sales kit : material needed to sell the product such as prospectus, admission form.
  • Teaching kit : The study material include
    • Notes
    • Classroom assignments
    • Test series
    • Marketing Material
    • Faculty, Administration and Marketing Staff Recruitment.
    • Planning, Guiding and Implementing Marketing strategies.
    • Regular Quality check
    • Regular Auditing
  • Two Years Integrated Course for (XI)JEE (Main/Advanced)/PMT Entrance.
  • One Year Integrated Course for (XII)JEE (Main/Advanced)/PMT Entrance.
  • One Year Dropper Programme for (XII Passed)JEE (Main/Advanced)/PMT Entrance.
  • Three months Capsule Course for JEE (Main/Advanced)/PMT Entrance.
  • Crash Course for JEE (Main/Advanced)/PMT Entrance.
  • Foundation Course for Class IX,X Students with NTSE & Olympiad

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