Mr. N.K. Gupta

(Chairman & Managing Director) Takshila Academy Pvt. Ltd.

He is the Founder Director of Takshila Institute. He is a mathematician with 25 years of experience in the field of education. He is an expert in preparing students for IIT-JEE and various Engineering Entrance Exams. Takshila Institute has produced best ranks in all the years under his expert guidance and motivation. He is always a great source of positive energy and motivation to one and all.

Mrs. Deepa Gupta

(Director) Takshila Academy Pvt. Ltd.

She is the Founder Director of Takshila Institute. Along with being director, she is finance manager and academic head at takshila institute. With her never ending efforts in all the years of journey of takshila institute, it has been made sure that every student get individual attention in all the aspects.

Mr. Pradeep Sharma

(CEO) Takshila Academy Pvt. Ltd.

He is having more than 30 years of experience in motivating and counseling students to achieve their goal and work in a result oriented direction. He is a platform to all the students from where they can learn life skills to be a better professional. With his immense support Takshila Institute has always prepared students academically as well as personally.

Mr. Chiranjeev Sharma

(Asst. Managing Director) Takshila Academy Pvt. Ltd.

A great mentor and a dynamic guide, Mr. Chiranjeev Sharma is known for boundless optimism, inspiration and motivation which he evinces. Mr. Sharma is a repository of knowledge who has been guiding the students for more than 3 decades to find real calling in their lives. To him goes the credit of shaping the careers of lakhs of Medical and Engineering aspirants whose impressionable minds abound with numerous doubts and who need an experienced mentor like him to dispel the same.